Introduction to Indoor Cycling

Artistic Cycling


Artistic Cycling developing skill, balance, concentration and courage. Sportsmen perform upto 30 qualities artistic figures on the bicycle in 5 minutes programme. Practice in the specify cycling field safely, is very suitable for teenages.


The first official artistic cycling World Championships were held in 1956, this sport is most popular in Europe, especially Germany. Artistic Cycling growth more than 50 years in Hong Kong, Chinese traditional performance mostly in the early stages. Until 1977, a standard artistic bicycle was given by Australian team, then Hong Kong start the Artistic Cycling regularly. 3 sportsmen was sent to training at Worms, Germnay in 1980, it is one of the milestone in the developing of indoor cycling in Hong Kong, also is the first team in Asia.


An artistic bicycle is different from a road bike, it has no braking system, plastic tube tire, special designed handlebar and saddle, with a fixed gear system, to make the bicycle easy to move forward and backward, even raising up the front wheel.


Sportsmen wear tight pants, t-shirt or jersey, and a thin sole gymnastics shoes.

Field and the sports

The court with an area of 14m x 11m, most of the figures perform between two circles with 8 meters and 4 meters diameter respectively in 5 minutes time.

Disciplines of competition

In the championships, there have male and female disciplines in single and pair, and team four for women, team six also can be found on European competition as well. Mixed (Women and Men) teams will start in the respective male discipline.
The Hong Kong Champsionships have single and pair disciplines in different age groups.

Age groups in
HK Championships
(Male / Female)
Age No. of figures
Single Pair
Elite 19 or Above 30 25 *
Junior upto 18 (U19)
Pupils A upto 14 (U15) 25
Pupils B upto 12 (U13)
Pupils C upto 10 (U11)
Updated 2008

* In pair artistic cycling open, 25 figures to be perform on one and two bicycles, with a maximun 8-15 figures from one bicycle.

Judging of Artistic Cycling

Each figure has a points value depending on the difficulty, adding up the points of all figure will be the total difficulty points. In the competition, 3 judging groups each consists of 2 judges, points will be devalute from the mistake from performance and difficulty, subtract of all devalute from the difficulty points, and the average frm three judging groups will be the final result.

                    Difficulty Points     81.00
(subtract) Points Devaluate   - 10.94
                                    Result   = 70.06

Judgement Difficulty

Devaluated 100%, 50%, 10%

  • Cannot perform the whole stretch
  • Wrong position of body
  • Cannot recognitise as correct figure
  • Not in sequence or missed figure

Judgement Performance

Devaluate     Brief description
x (0.2 pt)        Slight, short mistake
~ (0.5 pt)        Fierce, longer mistake
/  (1.0 pt)        Touching floor
O (2.0 pt)        Fall Down

Please refer to the regulation for the judgement details.

Bicycle Control





Figures introduction

Single Artistic

  • Both wheels on floor
  • Sidestand Turn, Squats and Jumps
  • Raiser
  • Passages
  • Final Exercises

Circle (C)

Half Circle (HC)

Eight (8)

Half Eight (S)


Pair Artistic

  • Both wheels on floor 1, 2
  • Raiser 1, 2
  • Turns on spot 2
  • Passages 1, 2
  • Final Exercises2

Circle (C) 1, 2

Half Circle (HC) 1, 2

Eight (8) 1

Half Eight (S) 1

Counter Circle 2

Counter Eight 2

Mill 2

Single Ring 2

Mill Single Ring 2

Separate 2
1 Pair artistic in one bicycle
2 Pair artistic in two bicycles


Artistic Team Riding (only few example for reference)

4 feo circle

4 neo short line

2 con. feo long line 4 sr

4 connected circle

4 feo cross line

2 connected circle

4 feo eight

2 feo double circle

Inside Ring

4 connected circle 2 single ring left

4 con. short line 4 single ring left

2 con. short line counter s.r.

4 neo short line counter single ring


Snake double door

Door ring

Mill door

Star inside 4 sr left

Artistic Star Award Scheme

The training gears towards six levels of award starting from the basic artistic exercise. The participant will be awarded a star-badge as incentive for passing the assessment of each level. Further infomation please refer to Artistic Star Award Scheme, or contact Hong Kong Cycling Association at (852) 2504 8176